October 2018

Cards for charity

The Points for People initiative makes it possible for individuals to support underprivileged communities simply by using the points accumulated in a credit or debit card

Points for People is a crowd-sourced donation platform launched by the Tata Trusts to open up philanthropic funding to the Indian public. The platform enables people to donate loyalty points accumulated on their cards to fund philanthropic initiatives of Tata Trusts. Word about the project is being spread through social media and brochures.

Started at the end of 2016, the Points for People project has already connected with 5,000 card holders and has a target of raising Rs30 million this year to be spent on schemes to uplift the lives of tribal populations in the four Indian states of Jharkhand, Odisha, Maharashtra and Gujarat.


This article first appeared in July 2018 issue of Tata Trusts Horizons