March 2018

When technology powers social good

Tata companies are leveraging technology and the power of digital to create sustainable businesses where consumers and communities are engaged stakeholders

Breakthrough innovation that disrupts lives is the obvious outcome of technological growth. However, across the world, businesses are now increasingly focusing on how to harness the disruption for sustainable growth and improving lives.

Technology is also changing the way society and businesses coexist and interact. With easy availability of engagement and information-sharing platforms, consumers are no longer just passive buyers. They actively voice their opinions on products and services and participate in online petitions and campaigns. Technology is, thus, enabling a transparent future, where businesses are compelled to operate in a manner that takes both consumers and the community into account.

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Tiny little sparks
It's time to celebrate the ways in which innovation can build a more sustainable world, where lives are transformed, not disrupted.
Citizens rising
People are more engaged in the processes of society through engagement opportunities offered by social media and the information-sharing power of the internet