Interviews and stories

'Our electrification journey will be transformative'
December 2017

Dr Ralf Speth, CEO, Jaguar Land Rover, talks about the factors driving up the company's sales numbers, and the electric-car future that beckons

Talking cars
July 2017

Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors showcase connected car technology advancements with UK Autodrive test and demonstrate how multiple makes of a car can use their systems to 'talk' to each other

Onwards to a fluid future
June 2017 | Philip Chacko

InMotion, the recently established venture capital arm of Jaguar Land Rover, is engineered to support emerging enterprises in the mobility services sector

'There will always be demand for premium mobility'
January 2017

Hanno Kirner, Jaguar Land Rover's executive director, corporate and strategy, says the company will continue to build cars that combine distinctive design and superlative technology

New generation of Jaguar takes center stage
August 2016

With two new product launches and aggressive pricing targeted at the heart of the luxury market, Jaguar has fully realized its US go-to-market strategy

'We are committed to offering lifelong learning to all our employees'
August 2016

JLR Apprentice manager Ian Eva, recently honoured with a Member of the Order of the British Empire for his services to vocational education, speaks about his work in the vocational skilling space

Driven to learning
February 2016 | Philip Chacko

Jaguar Land Rover's regional training academy in Dubai implants the luxury carmaker's values and appeal in the staff at its dealerships in the Middle East and North Africa region

How Land Rover played cupid
July 2015 | Samod Sarngan

Land Rover New Zealand re-unites four university mates with their college love - a 1957 Series I Land Rover, on Valentines' Day - a story that has since gone viral with over seven million hits

'We are the envy of our competitors'
July 2015 | Christabelle Noronha

The MENA region is one of the largest markets for Jaguar Land Rover in terms of global sales, and is poised to become even more important for the luxury carmaker in the years ahead. Bruce Robertson, managing director, Jaguar Land Rover, Middle East and North Africa, talks about the company's operations in the region

Designed to delight
July 2015 | Dr Ralf Speth

The class of people in India buying luxury cars is burgeoning, and that is vrooming good news for brands such as Jaguar and Land Rover, writes Dr Ralf Speth

Who's at the wheel?
July 2015 | Philip Chacko

The customer is the star of the show in the scheme of sales that Jaguar Land Rover swears by, and there is no limit to how far the company will go to keep it that way

'Will deliver 12 significant product actions in next 12 months'
April 2015 | Sangeeta Menon

Dr Ralf Speth, managing director, Jaguar Land Rover, says the company's success over the years has been based on its penchant for innovation and investing in the future