Interviews and stories

Rekindling the chemistry
December 2017

Amidst global market upheavals, Tata Chemicals is working with renewed vigour to fortify its leadership in the industrial chemicals business

Safety is a state of mind
January 2017 | Sanghamitra Bhowmik

Employee accountability and benchmarked safety practices have helped Tata Chemicals keep its people and environment safe

Innovation attention
August 2016 | Nithin Rao

Tata Chemicals is engaging actively with the Make in India programme through its variety of businesses, and by breaking new ground through innovation

On top of the transformation game
April 2016 | Sanghamitra Bhowmik

As the organisation transforms from commodity focussed business to a consumer and branded focus business; Tata Chemicals' chief human resource officer R Nanda tells he is confident that the company's people-centric culture will continue to make it the best employer for a long time

In transformation mode
April 2016

R Mukundan, the managing director of Tata Chemicals, talks about how new products, new technology spaces, operational changes and a younger employee demography is setting the backdrop for the company's transformational journey

Elixir on the menu
August 2015 | Philip Chacko

Tata Chemicals has hit the road running with its nutraceuticals venture, thanks to a blend of innovation and technology, passion and effort

A new equation begins to bloom
July 2015 | R Mukundan

Beyond B2B and B2C, product content and marketing strategies are being tailored to fit the human-to-human engagement, says R Mukundan

Bridges are for building
July 2015 | Gayatri Kamath

The secret of Tata Chemicals' success is that it strives to deliver value beyond what is expected by the customer

Optimistic about Kenya operations
June 2015

Tata Chemicals' managing director, R Mukundan talks about Kenyan operations, the changing shape of the organisation, and the exciting targets it has set for 2020

'Fiscal 2016 is going to be a year of consolidation for us'
April 2015 | Gayatri Kamath

Leap 2020, Tata Chemicals' five-year growth plan, aims to triple the company's market capitalisation and expand its three business pillars. Excerpts from an interview with managing director R Mukundan