Interviews and stories

Connected cities of the future
March 2018

Tata Consulting Engineers is partnering the Government of India to build technology-driven cities through its Smart Cities Mission

Digital engineering and Industry 4.0
August 2016

At Tata Consulting Engineers, creativity, design, engineering and project management skills are applied in unique ways, combining digital engineering suites and 3D-4D systems. It is in this space of integrated digital engineering solutions that new process and asset lifecycle innovations are waiting to happen, says Amit Sharma, MD, Tata Consulting Engineers

Coal to acetylene - the pit stop fixes
June 2016 | Mahesh Marve

Process innovations in the manufacturing of acetylene from coal by Tata Consulting Engineers has lead to lower costs, increased efficiency and ease of access to low-volume chemicals, says Mahesh Marve, senior vice-president and chief technology officer, Tata Consulting Engineers

Tata Consulting Engineers: Benchmarking employee engagement
November 2015 |

Tata Consulting Engineers has gone the extra mile to engage its employees through employee connect events and activities. Such activities help in driving innovation and creativity besides increasing the fun quotient and team bonding at TCE, says its managing director Amit Sharma