Interviews and stories

Wings to soar
September 2018

Anubhuti Banerjee, manager, IT, customer relationship management, at Tata Steel, shares what it means to transition and finally be 'yourself'

'The forecast for the steel industry suggests the worst is behind us'
March 2018

TV Narendran, global chief executive and managing director, Tata Steel, speaks about making the most of the positives in the global steel industry

Leadership fitness
December 2017

For three decades, the Tata Steel Adventure Foundation has helped build potential leaders, and now wants to scale the next milestone in its journey

Caring for the caribou
March 2017

Tata Steel Minerals Canada is a member of the Caribou Ungava research program and plays an active part in tracking the declining caribou population to improve conservation efforts

'Loss of culture is the greatest loss any society can suffer'
March 2017 | Namrata Narasimhan

Biren Bhuta, chief of corporate social responsibility at Tata Steel, explains the company's role as a catalyst in preserving and promoting tribal culture

Tradition gets a timely boost
January 2017 | Namrata Narasimhan

Tata Steel takes the lead in reviving the cultural customs and motifs of tribal communities in Jharkhand and Odisha

Mastering change
December 2016 | Gayatri Kamath

The business excellence endeavour at Tata Steel has helped the company evolve continuously to stay on course in an industry that has been buffeted by transformative trends

'Mosaic is a catalyst of change'
August 2016

Tata Steel's diversity and inclusion programme Mosaic is already showing good results, according to Atrayee S Sanyal, the lady who wears two hats at Tata Steel - that of chief diversity officer and chief of marketing and sales, (branded products, retail and solutions services)

'We made Kalinganagar happen and that's part of our culture'
July 2016 | Nithin Rao

TV Narendran, managing director of Tata Steel India and South East Asia, speaks about the troubles confronting the steel sector, the company's operations, its greenfield project in Kalinganagar, in Odisha, and the future of steel

A shrine to steel
November 2015

The story of how Tata Steel overcame a multitude of challenges to establish its Kalinganagar plant

'Kalinganagar has the potential to be bigger than Jamshedpur'
November 2015

Setting up the Kalinganagar plant has had its ups and downs, but the results are going to be well worth the effort, says TV Narendran, managing director, Tata Steel, India and South East Asia

Keeping the faith
November 2015 | Philip Chacko

The commissioning of the Kalinganagar plant, the largest single-location greenfield project in India, will mark the completion of an odyssey for Tata Steel

'The Gulf region is a key regional market for us'
July 2015 | Christabelle Noronha

Anil Jhanji, Tata Steel's director of regional market development, sounds an optimistic note in this interview about the company's operations in the Middle East and the opportunities available for further growth in the region

Bonds made of steel
July 2015 | Philip Chacko

Tata Steel has transformed the nature of its relationship with customers, to the long-lasting benefit of the company

'Innovating constantly is the key'
June 2015 | Nithin Rao

Product innovation and exploring new avenues for business expansion will drive future business growth, says TV Narendran, managing director, Tata Steel India and South East Asia

Driven by innovation
April 2015 | Nithin Rao

Innovation and marketing have been the mainstays of Tata Steel’s efforts to beat back the effects of the economic downturn. Excerpts from an interview with managing director TV Narendran

Women of steel: the sahiyas of Seraikela
January 2015 | Debjani Ray

Tata Steel embarked on its Maternal and Newborn Survival Initiative or Mansi in 2009 in Jharkhand’s Seraikela block. In just five years, the project has helped build an army of women health workers, sahiyas, who are delivering outstanding results

Nearly a century of service
January 2015

Tata Steel’s focus in North America is on producing innovative products