Interviews and stories

Blazing a trail
August 2018

Titan's inclusivity initiatives are aimed at reversing job-market bias towards people with disabilities

A New Weave
May 2017 | Kalpana Shah

Taneira, Titan Company's latest retailing adventure blends culture and craft to tell - and sell - the story of the saree. The company's new store in Bengaluru has sarees from 20 different states of India

The goal: To get better all the time
December 2016 | Philip Chacko

Business excellence has powered the rise of Titan Company, and the proof of the pudding has been its evolution into a multidimensional success story

Titan enables the differently abled
October 2016

Since its inception, Titan Company has provided differently-enabled employees with equal career opportunities and, at the same time, ensured they are as comfortable at the workplace as anyone else

Time to watch this space
August 2016 | Nithin Rao

Titan Company expects to ride the Make in India wave in its efforts to reduce imports and maximise production

Restoring grandeur
July 2016 | Cynthia Rodrigues

A piece of history was lost when a sandstorm destroyed the finial of Humayun's Tomb in 2014. We bring you a collection of images that tell how Titan helped the majestic monument regain its crowning glory

A smart move
April 2016 | Priyanka Sood

Juxtaposing smart tech with style and classic elegance, Titan has carved out a unique space in the market for its newly launched smartwatch - Titan Juxt

A time for success
July 2015 | Kalpana Shah

HG Raghunath, chief executive officer, watches and accessories division, speaks about Titan’s growth trajectory and its ambitions in the MENA region

In the centre of the circle
July 2015 | Bhaskar Bhat

The customer is much more than a stakeholder - she is what the entire ecosystem of an organisation has to revolve around, says Bhaskar Bhat

Substance in the style
July 2015 | Kalpana Shah

Titan Company is further refining the outlook and methods that have enabled it to evolve into one of India's most customer-friendly enterprises

'Will continue to explore opportunities in lifestyle space'
April 2015 | Sangeeta Menon

As the Indian economy revives, Titan Company plans to generate growth with the launch of new products and advertising campaigns. Excerpts from an interview with managing director Bhaskar Bhat