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mjunction services, a 50:50 joint venture of Tata Steel and SAIL, is the largest B2B e-commerce company in India. Just over 16 years old, mjunction has notched up many firsts in the B2B e-commerce space by consistently solving its customers’ business problems through innovative value creation using technology

mjunction provides a transparent and efficient electronic marketplace where both buyers and sellers of diverse goods and services can transact and where value is created for both.

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Making the right e-connections

India's biggest e-commerce player, mjunction services, has grown beyond e-auctions to become a leading provider of B2B e-commerce services

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      Movement for Efficiency and Transparency (MET) recognises and rewards efficiency and transparency across all aspects of governance, corporate and social life in India, says Viresh Oberoi, CEO and MD, mjunction services, and founder, MET. MET is borne out of mjunction’s corporate philosophy to constantly innovate and bring in transformation and efficiency