Associated Building Company

The Associated Building Company was incorporated in January 1921 to build Bombay House, the headquarters of the Tata group. It is an associate of other Tata companies.

Associated Building Company

The construction of the group headquarters was undertaken as the space occupied at the time, at Navsari Chambers, was inadequate. George Wittet, who designed some of Mumbai's best known landmarks such as the Prince of Wales Museum, the Gateway of India and King Edward Memorial Hospital, was the architect for the project. The building was ready for occupation in 1924. The Associated Building Company has since maintained Bombay House and helped retain its heritage look and beauty.

Bombay House was recently awarded the prestigious Gold Star Rating by the Indian Green Building Council and is the first heritage building in India to receive such a rating.

Areas of business

The Associated Building Company maintains the group headquarters and provides services like security, central air-conditioning, building management systems, and electrical solutions to save electricity, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. It monitors all modernisation, alterations and civil / electrical work carried out at Bombay House and ensures compliance to local laws and safety measures. The company also provides advisory services to various Tata companies on security and energy efficiency projects.


The company is based in Mumbai, India.

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