Nelco started in 1940 as an electronics company (and has many firsts to its name). It recently rebranded itself, aligned its businesses and set new goals.


The company is focused on helping its enterprise and government customers unlock potential by offering solutions in the areas of integrated security and surveillance, VSAT connectivity (Tatanet VSAT), managed services, Satcom projects and meteorological solutions

Areas of business

Nelco caters to corporate customers and to core verticals such as banking, financial services, defence, railways, manufacturing, oil and gas, etc. The company offers the following services:

  • Integrated security and surveillance solutions: Integrated management of indoor and outdoor security systems such as fire detection systems, perimeter security systems, access control, gates control, CCTV surveillance, scanning devices, vehicle management, etc in a centrally monitored and controlled package.
  • VSAT services (Tatanet): Satellite-based communication services capable of supporting the internet, data, video, LAN, voice / fax communications, and providing powerful, dependable private and public network communication solutions. Increasingly popular, VSATs are singular, flexible communication platforms that can be installed quickly and cost-effectively to provide connectivity solutions.
  • Managed services: Monitoring and management of critical facilities and infrastructure remotely from a 24x7 network operations centre and data centre. It involves managing IT and critical non-IT devices, including the security and surveillance infrastructure of organisations.
  • Meteorological solutions: Innovative turnkey meteorological services, including lifecycle maintenance in the field of environmental monitoring. It includes the setting up of automated weather systems and various natural disaster alert systems.
  • Satcom projects: Nelco has undertaken successful implementation of significant government, PSU and corporate projects for end-to-end networking solutions as well maintenance of private hubs and hybrid networks. Nelco also partners with global organisations to offer integration expertise for international Satcom projects.

Joint ventures, subsidiaries, associates

  • Nelito Systems: A joint venture with Itochu, Japan.
  • Tatanet Services: Operates the Tatanet VSAT network.


Nelco is based in Mahape, Navi Mumbai. It has a countrywide sales and service network.

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