Tata Chemicals Europe

Tata Chemicals Europe is one of Europe's leading producers of sodium carbonate (soda ash), salt, sodium bicarbonate and other products. Formerly known as Brunner Mond, the company was established in 1874. It was acquired by Tata Chemicals in 2005.

Tata Chemicals Europe

Tata Chemicals Europe expanded its product portfolio in 2011 by acquiring British Salt, which is the UK's leading manufacturer of pure dried vacuum salt products.

Areas of business

Tata Chemicals Europe produces soda ash, salt, sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride and Crex®, a unique form of sodium sesquicarbonate. The company's high-quality soda ash is used in the manufacture of glass, detergents, chemicals and several other industry applications.

The company also manufactures high-quality sodium bicarbonate for use in haemodialysis treatment, and in the pharmaceutical and baking industries. In addition, it produces Alkakarb®, sodium bicarbonate for the animal feed industry, and Briskarb®, sodium bicarbonate for the treatment of acidic flue gases.


Tata Chemicals Europe is headquartered in Northwich, UK, and has manufacturing operations within Cheshire, UK.

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