Tata Global Beverages

Tata Global Beverages is today an integrated beverage business that has set out on a journey to become a global leader in branded ‘good for you’ beverages through innovation, strategic acquisition and organic growth. With over 200 years of history in the beverage market and a heritage of innovation and development, Tata Global Beverages has successfully evolved from a predominantly domestic Indian tea farming company to become a marketing and brand focused global organisation with a portfolio of strong brands.

The group’s annual turnover is US$1.5 billion (FY 2009/10) and it is the second-largest player in tea in the world. Its global expansion is highlighted by the fact that over 65 per cent of the consolidated revenue originates from markets outside of India. The group maintains a strong focus on consumer brands; more than 90 per cent of turnover is delivered by its branded products. Over five years ago, nearly all the group’s turnover came from tea interests, but now the figure is nearer 71 per cent, underpinning its successful diversification strategy and giving it a leadership position in the ‘good for you’ beverage space.

Tata Global Beverages

Formerly known as Tata Tea, the business diversified and expanded significantly over the last decade. Tata Global Beverages now employs around 3,000 people with a significant presence in over 40 countries worldwide. It recently opened its new corporate headquarters, located in the UK (Uxbridge, West London). The group is now making strong strides towards its mission of life-enhancing sustainable hydration with the recent JV agreement with PepsiCo in the area of non-carbonated ready-to-drink beverages, focused on health and enhanced wellness and the acquisition of a stake in ActivateTM, a performance beverage and bottled water company in the United States.

Areas of business

With innovation and excellence at the heart of everything it does, Tata Global Beverages has a stable of leading global and regional brands.

  • Tata Tea: Tata Tea is officially a ‘superbrand’ in India, where it is the second-most trusted hot beverage brand, thanks to national and regional brands – Tata Tea Premium, Kanan Devan, Chakra Gold, Agni, Gemini, Life and Tata Tea Gold. To know more, visit www.tataglobalbeverages.com
  • Tetley: Acquired by Tata in 2000, Tetley is currently enjoyed in 70 countries worldwide and in close to 9.1 million UK homes. Tetley is a true leader in black tea, decaffeinated and redbush, with fast growing green tea and innovative tea infusions too. Currently market leader in the UK and Canada, the brand's strong innovation agenda includes the first launch of Extra Strong tea for a fuller flavour and Infusions, a liquid ‘Real Brew’ tea mix for water. To know more, visit www.tetley.com
  • Good Earth: One of the first American herbal tea companies and a leader in specialty teas, Good Earth produces and markets fruit, medicinal, red, green, black, white and organic teas. Today, its premium teas and coffees, all with ‘green’ packaging are enjoyed across the US, Canada and the UK. To know more, visit www.goodearth.com
  • Vitax: A part of the Tata Global Beverages’ portfolio since 2007, this is a well-established fruit and herbal tea brand in Poland
  • Jemca: This is a market leading tea brand in the Czech Republic with a growing range of fruit and herbal, black and green teas
  • Tata Coffee: The well-known brands here include Mr Bean, Mysore Gold, Coorg Pure, Tata Cafe and Tata Kaapi. The coffees are grown on 19 estates in the southern states of India and produce about 10,000 tonnes of natural shade grown Arabica and Robusta coffees. To know more, visit www.tatacoffee.com
  • Eight O’Clock Coffee: This is the best-selling whole-bean coffee in the United States and the third-largest coffee brand by volume in the country. To know more, visit www.eightoclock.com
  • Grand: Joining the Tata family in 2009, Grand is one of Russia’s leading umbrella beverage brands – known for its consistent quality, good value coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, green tea and iced tea products – all made using natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.
  • Himalayan Water: A brand that has been a part of Tata since 2007. The water is sourced directly from an underground aquifer located about 120 metres below the earth's surface in the Shivalik range of the Himalayas, and is bottled at the source. To know more, visit www.himalayanmineralwater.com
  • T!on: A new ‘good for you’ cold beverage launched in India in 2008
  • SUKK: This is a brand new ‘jelly drink’ concept launched in the UK in 2010 To know more, visit www.thecleverjellycompany.com
  • T4KIDZ: This caffeine-free hot beverage, specially blended for kids by Tetley in the UK, was launched in March 2010


Tata Global Beverages is headquartered in Uxbridge, West London, UK. Outside India, it has plants and facilities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and South Africa.

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