Tata International AG

Tata International AG, along with its subsidiary Tata AG, and its associate Tata Enterprises (Overseas) AG, forms the international arm of the Tata Group. It renders a range of promotional and project services, from project identification and design to planning and establishment of industrial ventures overseas. It also offers managerial, technical and operational expertise and personnel to a wide range of industries.

Areas of business

The company promotes various enterprises and overseas projects through a network of subsidiary and associate companies: Tata Precision Industries, Singapore; Unitata Sdn Bhd, Malaysia; Tata Technologies, Singapore; and Tata Elxsi (India), Bangalore.

Software and systems expertise is marketed and provided internationally through associate companies and joint-ventures, such as Tata Consultancy Services, Deutschland; Tata Consultancy Services, Netherlands; Tata Consultancy Services, Belgium; Tata Consultancy Services, France; Tata America International Corporation; TKS-Teknosoft SA; TKS-Teknosoft, Switzerland; Tata Infotech, Deutschland and Tata Infotech, Singapore.

Tata International AG represents the Tata Group in Europe and promotes the export of a wide range of Indian commodities, finished products and non-traditional industrial items.


The company is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.

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