Tata Power Trading

Tata Power Trading Company (TPTC) is in the business of trading power units in India. It was incorporated in 2003 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tata Power Company, with an equity capital of Rs2 crore. TPTC was the first company in India to receive a power trading licence from the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, back in June 2004.

Areas of business

TPTC was initially allotted a category ‘A’ licence, which restricted it to trades up to 100 MUs. This licence was elevated to category ‘F’ to cater to the requirements of a growing business. The company can now, by enhancing its equity base to Rs20 crore, trade in higher volumes without any upper limit.

TPTC sources surplus power from various states and private-sector power generation utilities, captive power plants and state-owned electricity boards. Its trading partners include the Maharashtra State Electricity Board, the Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board, the West Bengal State Electricity Board, the Power and Electricity Department of Government of Mizoram, the Damodar Valley Corporation, the Haryana Power Generation Corporation and Delhi Transco.


TPTC has its office in Mumbai.

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