Tata Projects

Tata Projects is one of the fastest growing infrastructure companies in India. It has expertise in executing large and complex industrial and urban infrastructure projects.

Tata Projects

Areas of business

The company operates through four strategic business units — industrial infrastructure, urban infrastructure, quality services and utility services. It provides turnkey end-to-end solutions to set up power generation plants, power transmission and distribution systems, fully integrated rail and metro systems, commercial buildings and airports, chemical process plants, water and waste water management solutions, and complete mining and metal purification systems.

Engineering excellence, supply chain expertise and construction management are its key strengths. The company is driven to deliver projects `on-time’ using world-class project management techniques, and has uncompromising standards of safety and sustainability.


Headquartered in Secunderabad, India, Tata Projects has regional offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Kenya, Abu Dhabi, UAE, as also inspection offices in major Indian cities.

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