Tata Steel

Tata Steel is among the top ten steel manufacturers in the world. It operates in more than 20 countries and has a commercial presence in over 50.

Tata Steel

The company was established in Jamshedpur, India, in 1907. In the past few years, Tata Steel has invested in Corus (UK, renamed Tata Steel Europe), Millennium Steel (renamed Tata Steel Thailand) and NatSteel Holdings (Singapore). With these, the company has created a manufacturing and marketing network in Europe, South East Asia and the Pacific-rim countries. It has the capacity to produce over 30 million tonnes of crude steel every year.

Areas of business

The company produces crude steel and basic steel products, and makes steel for building and construction applications through Tata BlueScope Steel, its joint venture with Australia's BlueScope Steel.

Tata Steel has also set up joint ventures for the development of limestone mines in Thailand, the procurement of low-ash coal from Australia and coking coal from Mozambique, and the setting up of a deep-sea port in Orissa in India. The company is exploring opportunities in the titanium dioxide business in Tamil Nadu, India, and will soon be producing high carbon ferrochrome from its plant in South Africa.

Joint ventures, subsidiaries, associates

  • Tata Steel Europe: Europe’s second largest steel maker with major operations in the UK and continental Europe, Tata Steel Europe produces long and strip products for the construction, automotive, packaging, engineering and other markets worldwide.   (www.tatasteeleurope.com/en/)
  • NatSteel Holdings: A leading supplier of premium steel products for the construction industry, NatSteel has operations in seven countries in Asia. (www.natsteel.com.sg)
  • Tata Steel Thailand: A major steel producer in Thailand, the company produces steel for the construction industry. (www.tatasteelthailand.com)
  • Tinplate Company of India: Industry leader in India in the manufacture of tinning line products, including electrolytic tinplate, tin-free steel and cold-rolled products. (www.tatatinplate.com/)
  • Tayo Rolls: India’s leading roll manufacturer and supplier, the company produces rolls for integrated steel plants, power plants, the paper, textile and food processing sectors, and the government mint. (www.tayo.co.in/)
  • Tata Ryerson: Offers hot- and cold-rolled flat steel products in customised sizes and quantities.
  • Tata Refractories: Produces high-alumina, basic, dolomite, silica and monolithic refractories and offers design, procurement and re-lining services. (www.tataref.com)
  • Tata Sponge Iron: Produces sponge iron lumps and fines. (www.tatasponge.com/)
  • Tata Metaliks: Manufactures and sells foundry-grade pig iron. (www.tatametaliks.com)
  • Tata Pigments: Produces oxides of iron, dry cement paint, exterior emulsion paint and distemper. Its products are used in paints, emulsions, cement floors and plastics.
  • Jamshedpur Injection Powder: Manufactures carbide de-sulphurising compounds used for the production of low-sulphur, high-quality steel. (www.jamipol.com)
  • TM International Logistics: Provides material handling and port operation services at the Haldia and Paradip ports in India; also has freight-forwarding and chartering services. (www.tmilltd.com)
  • mjunction services: A 50:50 joint venture involving Steel Authority of India and Tata Steel, it is India's largest e-commerce company and the world's largest e-marketplace for steel. (www.mjunction.in)
  • TRF: In the business of design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of engineered-to-order equipment and systems in the areas of bulk material handling, processing, reclaiming and blending. (www.trfltd.com)
  • Jamshedpur Utility and Service Company: Re-engineered out of Tata Steel's town services, JUSCO provides municipal and civic services for townships. (www.juscoltd.com)
  • Indian Steel and Wire Products: Recently acquired by Tata Steel, ISWP has a wire unit and a steel roll manufacturing unit.
  • Tata BlueScope Steel: A joint venture with BlueScope Steel, Australia, the company offers a comprehensive range of branded steel products for building and construction applications. (www.tatabluescopesteel.com)
  • Dhamra Port Company: A joint venture between Larsen & Toubro and Tata Steel to build a deep-draft (18 metres) all-weather port in Orissa on the east coast of India.
  • Hooghly Met Coke & Power Company: A joint venture with the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation, producing met coke and electric power.
  • Lanka Special Steel: A Sri Lankan unit that manufactures galvanised wires.
  • Sila Eastern Company: Established to develop limestone mines in Thailand, mainly for captive use.
  • Tata NYK: A 50:50 joint venture with Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK Line) to set up a shipping company to handle dry-bulk and break-bulk cargo.


Tata Steel is headquartered at Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, India.

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