Tata Steel Thailand

Tata Steel Thailand (TSTH), formerly known as Millennium Steel, is the largest producer of long steel products in Thailand, with a manufacturing capacity of 1.7mtpa.

Tata Steel Thailand

The company was established in 2002 and acquired by Tata Steel in 2006. TSTH operates as a holding company, with three subsidiaries — NTS Steel Group, Siam Iron and Steel (2001), and Siam Construction Steel.

Areas of business

Through its subsidiaries, TSTH manufactures rebars, wire rods and small sections. Rebar products comprise round bars and deformed bars for use mainly in the construction industry, including roads, bridges, buildings and houses.
Wire rod products include both low carbon wire rods (LCWR) and high carbon wire rods (HCWR). LCWR products are used as raw materials for construction parts such as binding wire, nails, wire mesh, galvanised wire, barbed wire, welding wire, cold draw wire, and screws and nuts. HCWR products are used as raw materials for manufacturer of pre-stressed concrete (PC) such as PC wires and PC strands, compressing spring, extension spring, torsion spring and sling among others.
Small sections products comprise angles and channels, used in roof structures, electricity poles, billboards, etc.

Joint ventures, subsidiaries and associates

The company's manufacturing activities are undertaken entirely by its subsidiary companies:
  • Siam Iron and Steel (2001) manufactures high-value products such as HCWR, special wire rods and small sections; it is located in Saraburi province.
  • NTS Steel Group manufactures both rebars and wire rods; located in Chonburi province, the plant is the first in Southeast Asia to produce hot metal from iron ore.
  • Siam Construction Steel manufactures rebars; it is located in Rayong province.


Tata Steel Thailand is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. It has manufacturing facilities in Chonburi, Rayong and Saraburi.

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