Inzpera Healthsciences

Inzpera is a start-up health sciences company that markets highly palatable and efficacious therapeutic products, which aim to restore the balance in health and nutrition across age groups.

Inzpera is a start-up company founded on the core philosophy that healthy habits lead to happier lives. It is a subsidiary of Tata Industries, which holds a 77 percent equity stake.

Inzpera Healthsciences

Modern, urban lifestyles give rise to nutritional imbalances and poor health habits that result in loss of wellness, extending to illness. Inzpera aims to address these imbalances through therapeutically efficacious and innovative solutions.

Inzpera's products are driven and developed by intuitive thinking. The company partners with academia, inventors and manufacturers from across the globe to bring unique products to the consumer. Inzpera plans to explore global markets after launching its brands in major Indian cities.

Areas of business

Inzpera's product portfolio currently consists of the following doctor-prescribed products for the paediatric segment:

  • Curkey – Specially formulated chewy pastille for children that contains curcumin from curcuma longa and works via proprietary buccal absorption technology to provide relief from upper respiratory tract infection and sore throat.

  • Nodecay – Unique, non-invasive method to prevent the progression of dental caries. The product comes in the form of palatable orange-flavoured chewable tablets.

  • M Sip Lax – A novel straw-based delivery mechanism and synergistic combination of a probiotic and a conventional laxative to enhance / regularise bowel movements quickly in children.

  • M Sip Vit – India’s first multivitamin and mineral product in a straw, which helps correct common micronutrient deficiencies in children, enabling cognitive and physical growth.

  • Tasiron – Formulated with an advanced technology, Tasiron fulfills the iron needs of children without the unpalatable taste and gastric side effects of traditional iron supplements, thus addressing a large nutrient deficiency that is routinely exacerbated by poor compliance.


Inzpera is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

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