Tata Coffee

Tata Coffee is one of the largest integrated coffee companies in the world, producing high-quality green bean and instant coffee.

Tata Coffee

With a strong emphasis on sustainability and quality, Tata Coffee provides delight in every cup to coffee connoisseurs around the world. The company’s business spans across the world with its green bean offerings delighting roasters in key markets such as North America, Europe, Middle East and East Asia. Its instant coffee business dominates Russia and Africa with a strong presence in East Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Tata Coffee’s subsidiary Eight O’ Clock Coffee Company is a strong roast and ground coffee player in the US. Tata Coffee is the exclusive supplier of roast and ground coffee to the Tata Starbucks JV. It also manufactures Tata Coffee Grand in partnership with Tata Global Beverages.

Areas of business

The company produces about 10,000 MT of shade-grown, sundried and handpicked coffees in its plantations spanning 8,000 hectares in Coorg, Hassan, Chikmagalur and Valparai in South India. The coffees are Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and SA8000 certified. Careful, consistent and sustainable practices ensure delicate cultivation of coffee beans resulting in the finest  washed Arabicas, washed Robustas and monsooned coffees from the region.

The company’s instant coffee facilities, operating predominantly on renewable energy, manufacture 8,400 MT of spray, agglomerated and freeze-dried coffee. The plants are 100 percent export-oriented units and are ISO 9001, ISO 22000, SA 8000, OHSAS 18000, ISO 14001, Halal, Kosher, FSSAI, BIS, and BRC & IFS certified. The products offer consistent quality and customised blend profiles to brands, private labels and distributors across the world.

Apart from coffee, the company produces about 1,000 MT of pepper and 6,000 MT of tea in its Rainforest Alliance-certified plantations. Plantation Trails, a premium hospitality brand, offers discerning customers the experience of an idyllic plantation lifestyle.


Tata Coffee is headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company’s plantations are located in South Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in India. Instant coffee manufacturing facilities are situated at two locations in Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

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