July 30, 2018

Tata Central Archives showcases vintage print advertisements of the Tata group

Pune: There is nothing quite like an old print ad to take you back in time! In a bid to showcase the Tata group’s rich legacy of nation building, driven by foresight, courage, and community service, Tata Central Archives (TCA), today opened the exhibition, ‘Vintage Advertising and Publicity’ in Pune.

From left: FN Subedar, chairman, Tata Services and Harish Bhat, brand custodian, Tata Sons, inaugurating  the ‘Vintage Advertising and Publicity’ exhibition at the Tata Central Archives, Pune

With over 200 vintage print ads of the Tata group and its companies on display, the exhibition showcases the journey of the group, up to 1990, in response to changing technology, competitive pressures and retail demand, with the guiding principle of ‘Nation Building’ always at heart.

The ads displayed include Nation at Heart (Make in India), Giving Back to Society (CSR), Inspirational Narratives (National), Harmonious Relations, Focus on Fashion (Tata Textiles), Grandeur at its Best (Indian Hotels), Fortified with Steel (Tata Steel), Lighting up Lives (Tata Power), Desiring the Best (Tata Oil Mills Company) Feel Beautiful (Lakme), Flying High (Tata Airlines), On the Road to Progress (Tata Motors), Manifold Businesses (Other Tata companies), Will to Win (Sports), and One Brand Many Facets, among others.

The exhibit showcases not only the genesis and history of the Tata group but also highlights in parallel the integral role that the group has played in India’s industrialisation and progress. It promises to take people back in time and draw insights and inspirations from early days of advertising in India.

Starting today, the exhibition is open for the general public from Monday to Friday between 10am to 5pm at Tata Central Archives in Pune.