June 22, 2018

Tata Projects consortium to rehabilitate 90-Year old Mumbai BDD chawl

TATA Projects, Capicit’e Infraprojects and CITIC Consortium announced today that they have secured Rs11,744 cr order for redevelopment of existing BDD (Bombay Development Board) Residential and Commercial Societies (Chawl) at Worli, Mumbai

Mumbai and Hyderabad: The consortium comprising of Tata Projects, Capicite Infraprojects and CITIC Group has been awarded the project to makeover one of the oldest British era developments in Mumbai by the Government of Maharashtra (GoM) and Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MAHADA). As a result, more than 10,000 families associated with this redevelopment will benefit by moving into a new home, will have access to improved quality of life and the region will witness large scale change (in the societal upliftment of the neighbourhood).

The project, located in the premium hotspot of Mumbai, Worli, will involve redevelopment of 26 million square feet of area. It is set to employ over 10,000 people and the construction will be carried out in phases over a period of eight years.

Commenting on being awarded the project, Vinayak Deshpande, managing director, Tata Projects, said, “This is one of the largest single value infrastructure projects in the country. Execution of this skyline changing, socially beneficial project, shall help Mumbai become a world class city. This win is also a testimony to Tata Projects focus on developing high quality social infrastructure, while maintain high standards of safety.”

This massive commercial and residential development is the biggest redevelopment project in India. This urban renewal project is of significant national importance towards societal upliftment as it intends to provide safe and secure habitat, develop critical support infrastructure and improve the surrounding environment, thus raising the quality of life. It shall serve as a model for other chawl development projects. The project also aims to increase the economic output through provision of commercial centres within the precinct. The implementing agency for the project is Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MAHADA).