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Future forward
January 2019 | Sanghamitra Bhowmik

Tata companies across businesses are keeping pace and changing course with rapidly evolving digital technologies

10 Tata Group CEOs share their outlook for the new year
January 2019

Chief executive officers of 10 Tata companies highlight their expectations and aspirations from 2019

2018 Rewind
December 2018

2018 was a landmark year for us. See the biggest news from the world of Tata

Champions of sustainability
November 2018

The Tata North America Sustainability Awards recognize Tata employees in North America who do their bit to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Innovation stokes the fire of growth at the Tata group
November 2018

For the Tata group, innovation has been a continuous process to develop new, enhanced and relevant products and services for its stakeholders

Brewing a culture of warmth and belonging
November 2018

Tata Starbucks seeks to nurture the human spirit through the creation of a diverse and inclusive workplace

A year of milestone celebrations
October 2018

It's celebration time at the Tata group, as several Tata companies and brands mark their milestones alongside the group's 150th anniversary

'I want to simplify Tata group'
October 2018

An exclusive interview of N Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons, in THE WEEK

A little bit of Tata in your life
October 2018

Tata brands and companies straddling across diverse customer segments, touch the lives of millions across the world

Cards for charity
October 2018

The Points for People initiative makes it possible for individuals to support underprivileged communities simply by using the points accumulated in a credit or debit card

Working with pride
September 2018

Tata companies are focused on creating LGBTQ+ friendly workplaces where employees can be true to their inner selves

Experience luxury, the Tata way
September 2018

Tata companies have been the pioneers of luxury products and services, setting the standards for the luxury industry

Wings to soar
September 2018

Anubhuti Banerjee, manager, IT, customer relationship management, at Tata Steel, shares what it means to transition and finally be 'yourself'

Blazing a trail
August 2018

Titan's inclusivity initiatives are aimed at reversing job-market bias towards people with disabilities

Cash in the crop
August 2018

The Lakhpati Kisan project is transforming the lives of over 100,000 tribal farming households in four Indian states - and it has the potential to deliver more

A legacy of nation building
August 2018

The Tata group has been a committed partner in India's progress for over a century

Community building and support - it's in the Tata DNA
July 2018

For the Tata group, the community is not just another stakeholder in business, but is in fact the very purpose of its existence

Remembering JRD Tata
July 2018

A tribute by Tata Central Archives and

The green thumb multiplier effect
July 2018

Tata Projects transforms its tree-planting initiative into a unique digital campaign that has mobilised unprecedented support and participation from the online community

Building careers, fulfilling dreams
June 2018

In 100+ countries across six continents, Tata group is the employer of choice for 695,000 people